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Mirik Health Foods - About Us

Mirik Health Foods is the requirement of the era and has worked on the same path to give their customers a better lifestyle with the essence of nature in the form of 100% natural ayurvedic products.

Mirik.net deals in F.M.C.G and Health Foods Pharma sector. The products manufactures are of the utmost quality and gives an overall solution to the problems. The impact of ayurveda with the combination of modern science and equipment gives an excellent outcome and gives us something which can be a gift for many

The product range of F.M.C.G offers a list of products that are required in everyday use like anti dandruff shampoo, face wash, night and day creams etc. The Health foods Pharma category delivers the range of products for fulfilling the body needs and covering up the nutritional gap giving strength and energy to work and get that extra stamina, products like chyawanprash, green tea etc helps in building up the health and provides stamina to work for longer periods.